Reality Travel

What must be acknowledged is that the flat and featureless everyday world is permeated by a limitless profusion of realities. What we need are more portals and the ability to recognize them for what they are.

Reason and imagination, action and resistance, discovery and loss, creation and destruction, connection and isolation — these are the places where alternate realities take shape. Writings, paintings, films, revolutions — these are the portals, the points of access and the means of transport.

This blog showcases a sampling of alternate realities and portals revealed to us by various reality travelers. Here are posted excerpts of texts, music and film clips, and any other appropriate means of illuminating these alternate realities. Also posted are videotaped interviews — “E-Clips” — with these reality travelers. What forces drew them into these other worlds? What obstacles have they confronted in seeing these mysterious territories clearly themselves and in showing them to others? Because Ecliptics is a blog, it’s also possible for visitors to engage these portalists in on-line discussions about their work and perhaps also about themselves.

In compiling a collection of works and interviews, Ecliptics takes shape as a sort of train station, a place where reality travelers converge and diverge as they set off on their excursions, a local nexus positioned on the vast interconnected network of possible and impossible v0yages. As you await your departure or your connection, you stop in at the seedy but exotic bar where travelers exchange improbable stories about what they’ve encountered and where they’re headed next. And even as the old locomotive heads off on its trajectory the engineer is charting some new course and the workmen are laying down new tracks at the end of the line…

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