BIFF — Updated

The 5th Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF) gets going in earnest today. This morning I’ll be heading out to the public library to watch two documentaries made by Boulder filmmakers. Questions of Art is a short about three sculptors and their creative process; Stage IV chronicles the last nine months of a woman dying of cancer. The filmmakers will be in attendance, so with some luck I’ll persuade them both to sit for inteviews soon. As I mentioned on his post, Bob LaRue’s short Adobo shows on Saturday afternoon at the old Boulder Theater.

*  *  *

SATURDAY UPDATE: I attended two screenings of the Festival yesterday. Here’s a 2½ minute video of me walking between the two venues where the films were shown.

Bob LaRue stopped and said hello as I was waiting for the 2:15 film to begin. He was handing out flyers promoting his own movie, to be shown today. I was hoping to catch up with Bob and his son Joe after the movie but they’d already moved on. Bob is on the BIFF selection committee, so he’s already seen all the films in competition. I should interview him again after the Festival is over to get his take on it. I’m writing a post about my own impressions, which I hope to put up later today or tomorrow.

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2 Comments on “BIFF — Updated”

  1. Robert LaRue Says:

    Sorry to have missed you after the film. I was hoping my son would have a chance to talk with you about some of the challenging films we all three seem to enjoy.

    Oh… though I watched 185 submissions this year (I do keep track…) since there were over 700 submissions, I clearly didn’t get a chance to see them all. Of the 55 in BIFF5 I had only seen 9, though I had been engaged in discussions about nearly all of them during the process.
    Bob LaRue

  2. john doyle Says:

    Hmm, let’s do the math, shall we Bob? 55/700 = 8% made the cut. But of the 185 you watched, only 9 got in, which is 2%. Either you were assigned more losers, or you’re a tougher reviewer than your colleagues. It seems that getting your film assigned to LaRue is the kiss of death.

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