You’re Next!

My daughter’s 10th grade class in American History is studying the Cold War and the 50s. Guess what movie they’re watching and discussing?

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4 Comments on “You’re Next!”

  1. NB Says:

    Sometimes, when doing boring stuff at work, I listen to whole movies uploaded to Youtube on my headphones. Invasion of the Body Snatchers was the last one I listened to. Still a great film.

  2. john doyle Says:

    This is an odd project, NB, and I like it. You listen to the movie without looking at it? Can you picture the associated scenes in your mind’s eye? Have you ever listened to a film you’ve never watched before? Here again, NB, we sense the seeds of weird fiction sprouting — “The Movie Listener”…

  3. john doyle Says:

    The Body Snatchers has a place in my family lore. When our daughter was younger I used to accompany her on her bike rides to school. We would see other students arriving at the school building, of course. Once we saw two boys carrying trombone cases into the school. I told my daughter that these cases were pods holding pod people who would hatch in the band room and roam the halls indistinguishable from ordinary humans. “Evil trombones” remains a catchword in our conversational repertoire. And on a side note, did you know that “trombone” is the French word for paperclip?

  4. NB Says:

    Well, they’re often movies I’ve seen before, like The Big Sleep, so I know what’s going on most of the time. I recently listened to a hoary old Hammer horror with Donald Pleasance called Raw Meat aka Death Line. My colleague wondered why I was listening to women screaming…

    I love that Evil trombones phrase. Great.

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