Never Mind

This blog isn’t working. Fade to black…

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5 Comments on “Never Mind”

  1. NB Says:

    Well John, I’m sorry this blog didn’t do business, as they say in Hollywood.

    Don’t leave blogging altogether though – we need you.

    Perhaps the blog wasn’t critical enough. What I mean is that blogs are often diaries and sites of criticism. The blogosphere is essentially mostly arseholes spitting venom at whatever bugs them. This is what makes some blogs fun, but also what makes them boring too, and why the blogosphere is a crank’s paradise.

    Blogging is a reactive pastime, rarely a creative endeavour.

    Perhaps I’m wrong. I’d like to be proved wrong on this one.

    Keep in touch.

  2. john doyle Says:

    I had in mind creating a sort of space where the work and the audience combine in ways that sometimes happen in blog comment threads, but with a more personal connection. The interviews, the real names, the video images, attached to excerpts from these people’s projects, felt like some way of forming a circuitry or a hydraulic system of some sort, a kind of engine that moves forward through the energy it generates as it moves along, a kind of perpetual motion machine where passion and calling fuel each other. Unfortunately I often find it difficult distiguishing between fact and fiction. Usually fiction seems more real to me, actually.

  3. Robert LaRue Says:


    Keep in touch for other projects.

  4. Ted Bagley Says:

    I was looking forward to it, too.

  5. john doyle Says:

    Thanks Ted. I might revitalize the interviews if I can figure out how to do them more quickly, and if I can have interviewees address some of the more psychological aspects of creating: inspiration, standards they apply to their own work, reaction of/to audience, and so on.

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